Happy Land
These are thoughts and musings that I have on my happy days (which don't happen near as often as they should).
I have friends.

Friends are wonderful people. they come in all shapes and thought patterns. Friends are people who are willing to give you encouragement when you aren't sure. They also tell you when you screw up when you are too cocky or too stupid to see it for yourself. I wouldn't trade away any of my friends for anything in the world. I cherish them deeply, partly because I can trust them, partly because they accept me for who I am, and partly because I hadn't had a lot of friends growing up.

Thank-you, all my friends!
I love chatting online.

There are so many people to meet and exchange ideas with. I think the internet has not made people recluseive homebodies, I think it has opened up the world of new people that was not possible in the past. It is so much easier now to meet people without having to go out to meet them. I think ideas are more freely exchanged too, because of a certain amount of "anonimity" that the internet provides. Have you ever been to a masquerade, and noticed how much easier it was to talk to strangers because your mask "protected" you? Unfortunately though, with this ease and ability to hide, certain people use it for cruel and unreasonable purposes to prey on others.

As with anything, each yin has its yang.

To be loved is one of the greatest feelings you can imagine.  Being loved is wonderful. It is also rare. It should be cherished, because it is not given easily, but it is given freely. Love comes with a price though: committment.
Committment to always stand by the person you love, committment to love unconditionally, without ever seeking anything in return. That is one example of love.
but I wasn't talking about loving, I was talking about being loved. when you are loved, you know it. that person makes it clear that they love you, through actions, or through words.

It's all good, and it's all wonderful.

I was sitting at work today, banging out documents on the computer when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked out the window to see a family of deer running on the hillside, chasing eachother. there was a doe, and two yearlings playing in the cold sun.

Things like that always make my tedious life problems seem unimportant. It's funny how that seems to work that way at just the right time.

Faeries are such cool little creatures. They flit around without a care in the world. some are happy to play around, some are mischevious, some just like to stir things up a bit. I have never seen one, but I'm sure they are out there. Or, at the very least, they used to be around long ago when magic filled the lands.
Look at it this way

Any day that I am able to wake up and complain about how early it is, is a good day, because it means I'm alive to experience it.
Ponder This...

Even if friends don't always talk with you, they still think about you.

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Kids are just a way for you to remember what you were like at their age.
Just remember to try to resist the temptation to become your parents when your kids do something wrong.
Is It Really That Bad?

No matter how bad things seem, there is always someone else that has it worse than you do. If you can't afford to eat out, someone else hasn't eaten that day. If you get into an argument with a loved one, someone else has lost a loved one to death. If your clothes don't fit right, someone else sits naked in the cold wind. Just be grateful for what you do have.
Those who have little, give everything so that those who have everything can be comfortable.

Such is the lot of a Servicemember.
I thank them every day I enjoy my freedom.
I have realized long ago that pain, no matter how bad, is only temporary.
That which does not kill me might make me stronger, but it can still leave bad scratches and bite marks!
If you give 100% of yourself to your friends, they will invariably want to take 110%, and will succeede if you let them.

Give only what you are able to, not what someone asks for.
Judging a person by their looks alone is like searching for gold while walking;
To really get at the gold you have to do some digging.

A person's real worth is what is on the inside, and often buried pretty deep.